Return Policy Page

Return Policy

NPLkart never compromises on the satisfaction in shopping experience of its customers. NPLkart agrees to replace products under the following conditions only:

  •  Manufacturing defect: Manufacturing defect includes defects in products such as, and not limited to, software malfunction, sensor malfunctions and hardware malfunction, which otherwise are not or cannot be induced by the consumer. NPLKart will analyze and the will be responsible to decide on exchange or compensation of product solely.


  • Product not as specified by NPLKart: In case, customer receives product not resembling as shown in the product description or visual contents or the product fails to fulfil its primary function as described, the product can be processed for returned. The product thus returned will be assessed or further processed to determine the issue and exchange the product if deemed necessary, whose right will solely be vested upon NPLKart.


  • Quality Issues: Products unable to fulfil the quality as specified by NPLKart, and if complaint is received, will be analyzed for validity of the claim and products will be exchanged if seemed mandatory to NPLKart.


  • Damaged during shipment: As a product travels quite a few kilometers before it reaches our customers, it is possible that the shipment might become damaged due to mishandling along the way before it reaches the consumer. In such cases, customers must inform service representative of NPLKart immediately (within 24 hours of getting product). To minimize the hassle customers shall confirm the product while receiving the delivery. Customers are discouraged to show fraudulent behavior in such sensitive cases, as doing so will not only result in blacklisting of customer but also ban from any services from NPLKart. The decision of determining replacement of damaged products during shipment will be solely entrusted to NPLkart.


  • Replacement/Servicing within warranty period: NPLKart is liable to replace/provide service to products providing replacement or service warranty. Products without warranty will not be responsibility of NPLKart.  NPLKart provides warranty in form of warranty cards, and the decision of being liable to reside with warranty even within warranty period will be condemned to NPLkart, if proper documents are absent.